Types of Flute used in Corrugated Box

Types of Flute used in Corrugated Box

Types of Flute used in Corrugated Box

In a corrugated box or corrugated roll, the flute is the wavy layer placed between two boards. It is the middle layer of a corrugated box. The flute is made out of a series of arching paperboard ribs that are commonly manufactured from a type of paper known as corrugated medium. The medium is formed into a wave-like pattern before being sandwiched between two paper boards. Basically, these paper boards are made from Kraft paper.

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Types of Flute

There are five types of flutes commonly used for corrugated boxes.

  1. A Flute

A flute provides the best cushioning and is commonly used for shipping breakable and fragile materials. It has about 36 flutes per foot.

  1. B Flute

It possesses good shaking strength and crushing resistance, so it is widely used in textile industries. It has about 49 flutes per foot.

  1. C Flute

The C flute is the one commonly used in corrugated boxes. Its size is about 41 flutes, so it provides the best cushioning properties and stacking resistance.

  1. E Flute

E type flutes are made of environmentally friendly materials. Its size is about 90 feet and is mainly used for eco-friendly packaging.

  1. F Flute

F flute is the small and tighter flute commonly used in printed boxes. Its size is about 128 flutes.

If you are looking to buy corrugated box in Chennai, carefully consider which flute is best for your products. Each flute has its own benefits.