Corrugated box Vs. Cardboard: What is the difference?

Corrugated box Vs. Cardboard: What is the difference?

Corrugated box Vs. Cardboard: What is the difference?

Corrugated and cardboard are both widely used materials in packaging and other purposes, although they differ in structure and intended applications. Let’s look at how they differ:


Cardboard: Cardboard is a broad phrase that refers to any heavy-duty paper-based substance. It is made of paper pulp, which is typically made by pressing together layers of paper fibres. Cardboard comes in a variety of thicknesses and is more robust and stronger than conventional paper.

Corrugated: Corrugated material is a type of cardboard that has three layers: a wavy inner layer (known as corrugated medium) sandwiched between two flat outer layers. This design gives the material increased strength and resilience, making it more ideal for specific packing and shipping applications.

Strength and Durability

Cardboard: The thickness and strength of cardboard varies, but it is generally less durable and has a lower load-bearing capacity than corrugated material. It is frequently used for lightweight packaging and promotional items.

Corrugated: Because of its corrugated structure, it is stronger and more ideal for heavy-duty applications such as shipping boxes, storage containers, and protective packaging. The wavy inner layer increases strength and impact resistance, making it excellent for transporting fragile things.


Cardboard: Cardboard is a common material used in cereal boxes, shoeboxes, some retail packaging, and lightweight displays.

Corrugated: Corrugated material is widely used in shipping boxes, moving boxes, electronic packaging and other products that require additional protection during transportation.


Cardboard: Because cardboard has a smoother and more equal surface, it is ideal for printing high-quality graphics and text.

Corrugated: Because of the corrugated media, corrugated material has a rippling or wavy appearance, which can influence the quality of printed graphics.


Corrugated Box



Multiple layers of paperboard glued together in a wave pattern.

Single layer of paperboard


More durable than cardboard

Less durable then corrugated


Lighter than cardboard

Heavier then corrugated box


Expensive then cardboard

Less expensive then corrugated box


Used for shipping and packaging, as well as for other applications that require strength and durability.

Used for variety of applications, including packaging, displays and signage.